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Study on Chinese Online Literature Narratives

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Chinese Journal of Literary Criticism

No.2, 2021


Study on Chinese Online Literature Narratives



Ma Ji


Although there are many themes and types of online literature, they can be roughly summarized into three categories: one is “fantasy” themes, with fantasy, the immortal and warrior, and science fiction as narrative forms; the second is historical themes, with ancient romance and ancient wars as narrative forms. Among them, it is divided into two narrative forms, namely “regular history” and “crossing overhead”; the third is realistic themes, which are divided into two narrative forms: “realistic” and “virtual writing.” The narrative resources of online literature mainly come from myths and legends in traditional culture, ghosts and monsters, romances and western popular literature. Its basic narrative techniques, such as “pretending to be a pig and eat a tiger,” “fighting monsters and upgrading,” etc., make the story reflect a certain allegorical. The rapid upgrading of network literature IP not only changed the narrative mode of network literature, but also accelerated the artistic resonance between network literature and traditional literature to a certain extent. This aspect stems from the requirements of network literature’s own transformation, and it is also the only way for popular literature and art when encountering the ceiling.