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The Tendency Towards Images in Online Novels Narratives

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Chinese Journal of Literary Criticism

No.2, 2021


The Tendency Towards Images in Online Novels Narratives



Zhou Bing


At present, the narratives of online novels show a certain tendency towards images. In terms of language-picture narrative, it centers on the direct presentation of visual language and the construction of pictures, assisted by the direct participation of images in the narration, and aims at the visualization and visual appeal of narration, and it moves towards a kind of real construction of mimicry image. In terms of narration, it uses the way of spatial drawing to temporize the space by emphasizing and arranging the location, space, and scene, and completes the structure and strategy of the event in the montage-style “map change,” which is essentially position management in production of spatial mobility. The image tendency of online novel narratives is a symptomatic response to people’s visualized existence and experience in the new media era. It not only fights for the living space of literature in the image context, but also realizes certain image ideological functions through cross-media practice.