Dislocation of Organization and Debate of “Two Slogans”

By / 01-13-2021 /

Chinese Journal of Literary Criticism

No.4, 2020


Dislocation of Organization and Debate of “Two Slogans”



Li Bin


The debate of Two Slogans occurred in the left-wing literary circle when the Left Coalition of Writers dissolved and prepared to establish the Anti-Japanese National United Front in the literary and art circles. The national defense literature faction obeyed the leadership of the Party organization at the level of the “Culture Commission” with Zhou Yang as its secretary, while the supporters of the mass literature of the National Revolutionary War obeyed the opinions of Feng Xuefeng, a representative of the CPC Central Committee. Both sides of the dispute have shown strong organizational concept and principle of Party spirit. Due to the lack of effective communication between the two organizations, both believed that their own side represented the Party and the other side damaged the Party’s prestige. Because of the disunity and dislocation of organization, this debate was locked in a stalement.