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The Human World: The New Height of Realism

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Chinese Journal of Literary Criticism

No.4, 2019


The Human World: The New Height of Realism



Li Shidong


Liang Xiaosheng’s literay works are distinctively identifiable. This high-degree of identification, which originates from the morality, responsibility, courage and uprightness that he possesses, is a kind of unadorned yet firm strength of literary character. The Human World is not only Liang Xiaosheng’s periodic literary summary of his own life experience, but also vividly and truly showcases the rich content of Chinese people’s life and the powerful role of the development of the times over the past 50 years. It is also a life history of the New China. The Human World represents the highest state of realism that Liang Xiaosheng has reached. He conveys positive energy by upholding the social conscience and morality. It is his hope that human nature as well as society could be heading for the good and the beauty, which is the profound connotation of his “Cultural View of Good Man” and the very enchantment of the novel The Human World. This novel reflects his feelings to and standpoint of the people as a scholar, a writer and a humanistic intellectual.