On the Characteristics of the Aesthetics of Utensils

Chinese Journal of Literary Criticism

No.3, 2018 


On the Characteristics of the Aesthetics of Utensils



Li Shejiao and Qiu Zihua


In recent years, the “aesthetics of utensils” has gradually entered the domain of aesthetics studies, and become one of the important steering marks. Examining the connotation of utensils from the aspects of philosophy, philology and aesthetics respectively, we find “aesthetics of utensils” is concerned on the aesthetics of works of man rather than of works of nature. Usefulness is its basic characteristics. The aesthetics of utensils can be separated from utility, which means to appreciate actual shapes and forms, as well as the wisdom of human creativity embodied in the craftsmanship and decorative patterns. The design of utensils contains profuse cultural and everyday life information of particular historical times. The foremost way of utensil aesthetics is to reveal the spiritual content from artistic forms.