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Identity Changes of Entrepreneurial Women

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Chinese Journal of Literary Criticism

No.2, 2021


Identity Changes of Entrepreneurial Women



Shen Xiayan


The profound social significance of mobile Internet is gradually manifesting, such as the obliteration of communication, consumption, payment and production boundaries, the integration of work, social interaction and entertainment, and the inseparability of subject and object. The openness of cities and the malleability of the Internet have gradually changed our lifestyles. Consumption and production can transform each other, and communication becomes more and more important. The support of science and technology and along with urban consumer culture make women’s entrepreneurial performance increasingly outstanding, and entrepreneurship makes life valuable. The literature keenly captured this opportunity, through Shan Ying (Chen Qian’s Infinite Mirror), Zhu Lingjing (Di’an’s Jingheng Street), and Teng Nami (Zhang Xin’s Be Sure to Keep the Scenery of Spring), and other entrepreneurial women’s images tenaciously pursue self-realization, showing the changes of women’s self-identity. They gradually take control of their lives and changed traditional values.