China’s Comparative Administrative Law Research: Retrospect and Prospect

China Social Science Review

No.3, 2020


China’s Comparative Administrative Law Research: Retrospect and Prospect



Song Hualin


In studying comparative administrative law, observation of the evolution of theories and systems of administrative law in different countries and the comparison of their normative structures, interpretations of administrative law, techniques in administrative trials, methods of administrative management and actual effects can help us reflect on the pros and cons of Chinese administrative law theory and thus refine it. They also help us reflect on Chinese adopted law and improve the quality of administrative trials. In this sense, we should select more detailed and reliable research materials in comparative administrative law. Our previous research has paid more attention to Western countries with a well-developed rule of law. However, another objective of comparative administrative law is deepening our understanding of the administrative rule of law under different political systems and economic, social and cultural backgrounds, and drawing lessons from their development. Therefore, we should broaden our horizons and carry out comparative research on the structural reform of administrative law, governmental regulations, administrative processes, global administration, risk regulation, the history of different theories, etc.