Scholars' notes on the 18th CPC National Congress

By / 08-01-2013 / (Chinese Social Sciences Today)
The media center for the 18th CPC National Congress opens. 
As a professor in the university and an academic researcher, I genuinely hope that Chinese academic researches would become more and more diversified and encourage inter-discipline and inter-filed cooperation.
                 -Associate Professor Lei Ming, Economics Research Institute, Nankai University
In recent year, Marxism theoretical research and construction have achieved significant results and huge steps. It not only resolved Marxism theoretical and realistic problems, but also strengthened the construction of ideology and the development of economy. I hope Marxism will lead philosophy and social sciences to prosperity and finally benefit all mankind.
-Dean Wang Xiaoxi, School of Public Management in Nanjing Normal University
There are two big changes in our rural area. One is urbanization, that is, there are millions of farmers left their villages and went into urban area. The other one is new rural construction, which brings a historical influence in China. School of China Rural Development Research in Central China Normal University has already set up a Chinese Rural Survey Network and carried out a series of empirical research. The top leadership thought highly of policies we recommended and these policies made an international influence to the world. With the encouragement of spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress, we will do our best to keep these great changes in records.
-Dean Xu Yong, School of China Rural Development Research in Central China Normal University
Chinese Social Sciences Today, No. 370 and 373, Oct.24 and 31, 2012
Translated by Zhang Mengying