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First Global Media and Cultural Soft Power Laboratory established

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 Unveiling Ceremony & Seminar for Global Media and Culrual Soft Power Laboratory is held at Academic Hall of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.    The Global Media and Soft Power Laboratory held its unveiling ceremony in Beijing on November 16th, as well as a subsequent inaugural seminar. The Laboratory was jointly established by the Media Research Center at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ Journalism and Communications Institute, and the School of English at Beijing International Studies University. In focusing on cultural soft power and film and television, the Laboratory is the first research center of its kind in China. It has been designated as an academic institution, and will focus not only on media and cultural research, but also developing a multidisciplinary teaching platform. Currently, the lab is building a team of global experts to cover several disciplines. The Laboratory will primarily specialize in data-collection and other academic research, as well as consulting services. In establishing multilingual capability, the Laboratory is aiming to follow various policies and strategies for televised media and cultural dissemination throughout the world.  Some of its other research initiatives include investigating the basic theory and contemporary issues facing mass communications, following the interaction between emergent cultural trends and their representation in televised media outlets, examining how to strengthen cultural production through communications industries, and cultivating interdisciplinary curricula and research topics. As a consulting organization, it will advise both the media and government on the demands of viewership, providing analysis of global cultural trends and media consumption habits.    Chinese Social Sciences Today, No.381, Nov, 19. 2012. Translated by Yang Lu