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Chinese Literary Award launched in Hong Kong

| 2013-03-18 | Hits:
 The Fifth Chinese Literary Award accepts contributions online before March 31, 2013.      The Faculty of Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong held the opening ceremony for the Fifth Global Chinese Youth Literary Award for the New Century on November 7 in Hong Kong. President of Chinese University of Hong Kong Joseph Jao-Yiu Sung attended the event.   Noting China’s increasing influence in the world, Leung Yuen Sang, dean of the Faculty of Arts, expressed hope that the award will encourage literary creation among youth, providing an opportunity for young writers from all over the world to come together in appreciation of the selected works. In turn, he suggested that this will help ensure the continuity of Chinese literature, observing that many previous winners have brought forth truly original ideas with their submissions. In so doing, he noted, their dedication to originality and faith in their own creativity adds new vitality to the Chinese literary circle.   The Fifth Chinese Literary Award is accepting contributions online from November 7, 2012 to March 31, 2013. The award ceremony will be held at the end of 2013 in Hong Kong.   Huo Wenqi is reporter for Chinese Social Sciences Today.   Chinese Social Sciences Today, No. 378. Nov, 12. 2012  (Translated by Yang Lu)