Evaluation of New Journals: Challenges and Exploration

Social Sciences in China Review

No.2, 2019


Evaluation of New Journals: Challenges and Exploration (Abstract)


Geng Haiying


The evaluation of new academic journals in the humanities and social sciences faces many challenges such as the difficulty in determining the scope of evaluation object, the difficulty of the disciplinary classification of journals, and the need for improvement in traditional journal evaluation methods. In the practical exploration of the evaluation of new journals, the following approaches are adopted: targeting and clarifying the purpose of the comprehensive quality evaluation of journals; defining the scope of the evaluation object from the two dimensions of time and content; developing a disciplinary classification system for new journals; choosing applicable indicators according to new journals’ characteristics; and designing an AMI comprehensive evaluation index system for Chinese humanities and social science journals. Of course, the evaluation of new journals is still in the exploratory stage, and the data collection process, improvement of the evaluation index, disciplinary classification system, and journal classification method still have room for improvement.