How Chinese Philosophy Enters the Stage

Social Sciences in China Review

No.1, 2018


How Chinese Philosophy Enters the Stage (Abstract)


Zhang Rulun


Contemporary Chinese philosophy is basically voiceless in global discourse of philosophy today. This embarrassing situation is the consequence of our lack of originality in philosophy. Original philosophy first requires in-depth thinking and criticism of the issues of the times, and this thinking and criticism must be put into the context of the history of philosophy, rather than mere abstract concept off the top of ones head, or piling up of philosophical words or pseudo-intellectualism pretending to be profound with little actual philosophical quality. The questions it addresses must be the calling of the times and philosophy. The development of philosophy requires a fundamental breakthrough in these questions. So far, however, today, not a few Chinese philosophers are keen on building big but empty systems on the basis of no real understanding or general picture of human achievements in philosophy. For Chinese philosophers today, it is crucial to identify questions of the times instead of repeating platitudes. Only by making unique contributions in addressing major issues of mankind and the times can Chinese philosophy be truly recognized.