Towards Cooperative Organization: Restructuring the Organizational Model

Social Sciences in China (Chinese Edition)

No.1, 2020


Towards Cooperative Organization: Restructuring the Organizational Model



Zhang Kangzhi


Since the 1980s, human society has been moving from low complexity and low uncertainty to high complexity and high uncertainty, a change that has affected all aspects of our social life and activities. Our society has already achieved organization; the social life and activities are carried out through organizations. However, the bureaucratic organizations that we are using and have been accustomed to are based on low social complexity and uncertainty, so they are clearly no longer suited to our social lives and activities under conditions of high social complexity and uncertainty. Therefore, we must design a new type of organization to replace the bureaucratic organization: one that is fully open and cooperative. Its sense of universal cooperation does not allow any tendency toward self-isolation to appear, nor does it reject any factor that can be included under cooperative action. Cooperative organization will take the road of the specialized development of human society, but will rewrite the history of specialization symbolized by the individual man or by those who can be returned to individual man as vehicle, so as to realize the specialization for which the organizational action system is the vehicle.