The Construction of a System of Criminal Records

Social Sciences in China (Chinese Edition)

No.3, 2019


The Construction of a System of Criminal Records



Yu Zhigang


Criminal records systems in the information age are based on a diversified information management system. Promptly setting up a national system of criminal records and setting norms for collecting, storing and utilizing criminal information data that falls within criminal jurisdiction are objective requirements for improving the rule of law in the information age. In the future China’s criminal records system should take the maintenance of the public interest as its value orientation and the limitation of queries to information as its basic model, so as to achieve its functions of prevention of crime, the return of offenders to society, and social management. Building a unified national database and constructing two-way entities and rules with a threefold purpose could be a concrete plan for the criminal records system. To deal with the disorderly proliferation of criminal record norms, it is necessary to set up a criminal records system that is horizontally and vertically sealed so as to curb systemic institutional risks and ultimately realize the systemization of Chinese criminal records.