Marx’s Thinking on the Development of Law and Its Contemporary Significance

 Social Sciences in China (Chinese Edition)

No.10, 2017


Marxs Thinking on the Development of Law and Its Contemporary Significance



Gong Pixiang


Marx takes the analytical principles of historical materialisms philosophy of law and places the phenomenon of the development of law into the world historical process of transformation. His observations particularly focus on such fundamental problems as categorical transformation, intrinsic mechanisms, patterns of movement and value orientations in legal development. He establishes tools for the theoretical analysis of such development and demonstrates the theoretical logical force of thinking on the subject, thus achieving a revolutionary change in the historical development of legal theory. In the new eras conditions of the comprehensive promotion of construction of a law-based China and the modernization of the Chinese rule of law, in-depth study of Marxs thought on the development of law is of great importance in terms of both theoretical value and practical significance in revealing the social mechanisms of the modernization process of the Chinese rule of law, promoting the coordinated development of the national and regional rule of law, adhering to rule of law development guidelines centering on the people, grasping the historical orientation of the Chinese rule of law in the course of globalization, and exploring the Chinese approach of the modernization of the rule of law in a civilized society.