“Capital to the Countryside” and Rural Reconstruction

Social Sciences in China (Chinese Edition)

No.1, 2016


“Capital to the Countryside” and Rural Reconstruction



Jiao Changquan and Zhou Feizhou


The flow of capital from industrial and commercial enterprises to the countryside has become a common phenomenon in middle and western rural areas in China, and the cooperation between governments and enterprises has completed the “operation” and “reshaping” of villages. This is a result of local governments’ relying flexible land policies and special financial funds and actively giving encouragement and guidance, and also an extension of the mode of “urban management” in vast rural areas. The capital to the countryside has greatly pushed forwards “peasants moving upstairs” and “land circulation,” constituting a new village governance structure: villages increasingly depend upon corporations, which replace villages and become a social foundation for substrate governance. In this course, the united “village management” between governments and enterprises exert profound influence over the village society.