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On the Transliteration of Yixiang Categoriess

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Chinese Journal of Literary Criticism

No.4, 2022


On the Transliteration of Yixiang Categoriess



Zhu Zhirong


Chinese and Western conceptions of yixiang (image) are dialogical and communicative categories. The classical Chinese concept of yixiang includes imitation, abstraction and imagination creation, which embodies the unity of noumenon and phenomenon. In classical Chinese, xiang  and xiang  are interrelated; the latter, used in Buddhist translations and interpretations, included noumenon, phenomenon, and the unity of the two, and it is similar to yixiang in meaning. In the West, Plato, Kant and Hegel emphasize that beauty is the image of ontological and phenomenal unity. The transliteration of the category of yixiang has promoted the convergence and innovation of Chinese and Western thoughts of image.