Modern and Contemporary Chinese Fiction and World Literature

Chinese Journal of Literary Criticism

No.2, 2018


Modern and Contemporary Chinese Fiction and World Literature



Wang Ning


It is well-known that poetry always tops the list in classical Chinese literature. But in modern and contemporary Chinese literature, fiction has a dominated position and has the most extensive circulation channels. In addition, modern and contemporary Chinese fiction has attracted attentions and discussions domestically and abroad. Although the tradition of modern Chinese fiction is formed under Western influence, it has absorbed many elements of traditional literature. Therefore, it is a product of “glocalization” in Chinese context. It is because of the “glocalization” process that many world famous fictionists have emerged in the history of modern and contemporary Chinese fiction. In terms of the writing quality and literary influence, they can be ranked among the best of world literature and engage in dialogue with the notables of world literature on an equal footing, adding Chinese elements to world literature. There will be no tradition of modern and contemporary Chinese fiction without the influence and innovation of world literature, and without the important contribution of contemporary Chinese fictionists, contemporary world literature is incomplete and imperfect. So far, only one fictionist in contemporary China won the Nobel Prize in Literature, which is unfair to Chinese literature, not only because of the absence of translation but also due to the lack of promotion and research of academia. In particular, people who study contemporary Chinese fiction in the context of world literature and make achievements are rare.