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Growing economic ties between India and China

| 2014-07-14 | Hits:

The Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) held a symposium themed “Understanding the Growing Economic Ties between India and China” on June 11. This was followed by a moderated panel discussion featuring a recently released book titled The Silk Road Rediscovered: How Indian and Chinese Companies Are Becoming Globally Stronger by Winning in Each Other’s Markets.


One of the three co-authors of the book, Anil Gupta, remarked that in tracking the Chinese-Indian economic linkage, one should not look just at the year 2014, but should extend that vision to the year 2020, or even 2025. This will be a very big story.


Wang Haiyan, another co-author of the book who is also the managing partner of the China India Institute, posed one question: If we were to look even farther into the future, to the year 2030, which country will feature the biggest economy in the world? She ranked China as the no.1, followed by the U.S. and then possibly be India. At the current juncture, both China and India are in the reform period, with vibrant economic ties. This means the two Asian neighbors should seek common ground while reserving differences to achieve mutual benefits.


(Source: The Center for Strategic & International Studies)