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China, India collaborate on groundbreaking low carbon report

By Feng Daimei | 2014-03-31 | Hits:




UNDP hosts a pre-launch event for "Low Carbon Development in China and in India". 


Research organizations from China and India have teamed up to author a collaborative report on the issues climate change poses to the world's two most populous countries. At a prelaunch event hosted by UNDP China on March 17, several leading academics and representatives from participating organizations discussed the study, one of the first collaborations on climate change-related issues between the two countries.


Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri, Chair of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), noted the many parallels between the challenges China and India will confront in dealing with climate changed and urged both countries to enhance cooperation in the future. "While economic capabilities and institutional systems vary between the two, coordinated knowledge driven processes between China and India will be instrumental in moving both toward global sustainability goals."


"It's high time for us to meet the challenge", said Mr. Zou Ji, Deputy Director General of the National Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation Center, referring to low carbon development.


According to UNDP's news release, Low Carbon Development in China and India - Issues and Strategies' will examine the main factors affecting low carbon development, such as financing, low carbon technologies and on-the-ground implementation. It will also identify key areas for China and India to exchange and cooperate in the development and use of technology, including burning and generating power from clean coal, energy-saving technologies in the industrial, construction and transportation sectors, wind and solar power utilization, and carbon sequestration.


"The report builds a convincing case for South-South exchange between the two countries," said the news release.