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Studies on emotion support clinical treatment

| 2017-01-19 | Hits:
(Chinese Social Sciences Today)

About 60 percent to 70 percent of China’s adults suffer from varying degrees of emotional problems, such as depression or anxiety, said Luo Yuejia, a professor of psychology from the College of Psychology and Sociology at Shenzhen University, at the second Emotion and Health Psychology Symposium on Jan. 6, 2017 in Guangzhou. The interaction between emotion and cognition is the pathological cause of many psychological problems, Luo said. Revealing the neurological mechanisms of emotional disorders by understanding this interaction will lay the scientific foundation for clinical diagnosis and treatment, he said. Micro-expressions, which normally last for just a fraction of a second, usually reflect the true emotions people try to suppress and hide, said Fu Xiaolan, director-general of the Institute of Psychology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Clinical psychologists may better treat patients by observing their micro-expressions, she said.