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Promoting green development, kinetic energy conversion

| 2018-06-06 | Hits:
(Chinese Social Sciences Today)

A symposium on kinetic energy conversion and management innovation was held at Shandong University of Technology on May 26. 

Promoting new and old kinetic energy conversion is not only an important way to enhance economic restructuring and upgrade the real economy but also a necessary requirement of high-quality development. Wang Nengmin, a professor from the School of Management at Xi’an Jiaotong University, said that coordinating “growth” and “greenness” is a major realistic issue in China’s sustainable development. As the subject of economic transition and upgrading, enterprises need to prioritize the coordination between the two sides, with the assistance of the integration of Internet Plus big data technique and all process environmental protection technology, Wang said.

Financial service innovation is also crucial to advancing green development as well as new and old kinetic energy conversion. Zhang Wei, director of the Institute of Green development at the University of Jinan, said that the government should actively guide commercial financial institutions to innovate financial service, push forward new and old kinetic energy conversion while facilitating the rise of new industries as well as the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, Zhang said.


(edited by YU HUI)