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Multidisciplinary approach to Jun Porcelain study

| 2017-09-21 | Hits:
(Chinese Social Sciences Today)

Jun Porcelain, with the main kiln site located in Yuzhou City, Central China’s Henan Province, was a famous school of porcelain. Recently the General History of Jun Porcelain was published in Yuzhou city. Zhang Jinwei, curator of the Yuzhou Jun Kiln Museum, said the history of ceramics is an important part of the history of Chinese tangible culture. Ceramics are synthetic products of science, culture and art. The form, decoration, glaze, function and artistic style of a ceramic work is closely related to the society, economy, culture, technology, art as well as the lifestyle and geographical resource of the times when it is made, Zhang said. A multi-angled and multidisciplinary study of ancient ceramics will help to restore the historical truth and date these artifacts, he added.