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Urban-rural development needs follow-up support

| 2017-03-22 | Hits:
(Chinese Social Sciences Today)

Urban-rural development is not a one-time change, said Yin Zhi, the deputy executive dean of the Institute for China Sustainable Urbanization at Tsinghua University, at the Symposium on Integration and Innovation in Urban and Rural Planning held by Fudan University from March 10 to 11. Urban-rural development requires consistent division of labor and follow-up work to evaluate the technologies applied in development, Yin said, adding that accumulation of experience in applying technologies is the essential to sustainable development, he said. The new urbanization emphasizes improving efficiency by design and management, Yin said. Interpreting urban phenomenon with the support of massive amounts of data will be more reliable. However, such interpretations always are insufficient when it comes to understanding the logic of urban formation and urban life. Therefore, data should be combined more with logic, he said.