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Experts probe cause of smog in China

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The 2014 China Urbanology Annual Conference was held on October 25 and 26 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Experts at a sub-forum probed the formation of smog and its countermeasures. Zhang Xiaoye, deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Meteorological Science, said that severe smog in China’s central and eastern regions over the past two or three decades has been mainly caused by a sharp increase in atmospheric pollutants discharged by human activity. In addition to traditional coal-smoke pollution, air pollution by nitrogen oxides emission is becoming severe. This has led to the current mix of air pollution, said He Hong, a research fellow from the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences. Nitrogen oxides emission is mainly attributed to rapid growth of cars in cities, said He.

The Chinese link:  http://news.cssn.cn/zx/yw/201410/t20141028_1379144.shtml
  Translated by Du Mei
Revised by Tom Fearon