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Scholars call for rational approach to traditional culture

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The 2014 Conference of Key Institutes for Contemporary Socialism was held on at Shandong University on October 25. Scholars discussed how to adopt a dialectic perspective to view Chinese traditional culture and how to popularize Marxism in contemporary China. At the conference, scholars called for a rational approach to traditional Chinese culture, urging avoidance of blindly adhering to traditional culture in isolation from current social conditions in China. Traditional culture can only perform its function and realize its value if it is in accord with the modernization course in contemporary China. Scholars pointed out that understanding the historical inevitability for China choosing Marxism among other ideologies and cultures will shed light on exploration of the relationship between Marxism and traditional Chinese culture.

The Chinese version appeared in Chinese Social Sciences Today, No. 662, October 29, 2014.

The Chinese link: http://news.cssn.cn/zx/bwyc/201410/t20141029_1379863.shtml
  Translated by Du Mei
Revised by Tom Fearon