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China Editorial Society members meet
On Oct. 21, the Fifth Members’ Congress of the China Editorial Society was held in Beijing. Vice-President of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of China Sun Shoushan and Guo Yiqiang, director-general of the Publishing Bureau of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee attended the congress. Sun encouraged the publication and promotion of China’s best academic achievements throughout the world. He also emphasized the necessity of improving training for online editors.
Respecting truth in Xinhai Revolution study
At the seventh Young Scholar Forum on Xinhai Revolution Study hosted by Central China Normal University on Oct. 12, Luo Fuhui, a professor from the Institute of Modern Chinese History at the university, said that it is essential to base research on historical facts and authentic historical materials, and in doing so, scholars should adhere to the principle of historical materialism rather than distort or misinterpret history.
China-Japan relations forecast released
On Oct. 17, Report on the Present and Future of China-Japan Relations was released by the Institute for International Affairs Study at Fudan University. The report interprets China-Japan relations in the recent years by analyzing the political diplomacy, economy and trade, social ethos and mass media of Japan. Moreover, it raises strategic questions about how relations will develop in the future. As is stressed in the report, China-Japan economic ties have currently reached a phase characterized by both cooperation and competition rather than mere mutual complementation.
‘Baojuan’ broadens history of folk literature
Baojuan, a form of Chinese folk ballad, is a crucial part of Chinese folk literature. From Oct. 18 to 19, the International Symposium on Chinese Baojuan and 2014 Annual Conference of the China Folk Literature Society were hosted in Yangzhou. Baojuan has a long history of 800 years and the existing texts total more than 1,500. The texts of Baojuan are for two uses: one is religious and the other is literary. Therefore, the research can broaden the framework of history of Chinese folk literature.
‘Philosophy of action’ answering moral questions
A new field dubbed “philosophy of action” has emerged in recent years. Involving interdisciplinary studies of analytical philosophy, neuroscience, psychology and anthropology, it provides unique perspectives in answering the classical questions of moral philosophy. From Oct. 18 to 19, the first National Symposium on Philosophy of Action, themed “Intents and Action”, was hosted at Shandong University. One universally accepted theory in this academic field is David Hume’s theory of agents, which asserts that action is stimulated by the beliefs and desires of the subjects.
Leiden University to construct Asian library
Leiden University is to have a unique Asian Library which will hold extremely rare Asian collections and offer new opportunities for teaching and research. The Asian Library clearly signals the university library’s intent to become the world’s top expertise center in Asia. It will be constructed on top of the existing library building and is scheduled to be in use by early 2017. The book depository will be ready earlier at the start of 2016.
Edited and translated by Bai Le