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Evaluation Center for Humanities and Social Sciences unveiled

By Deng Zhimei | 2014-09-24 | Hits:





The unveiling ceremony of the Chinese Evaluation Center for Humanities and Social Sciences (CECHSS) was held at the Chinese Academy of Social Sci­ences (CASS) in Beijing on Sept. 3.


CASS President Wang Weiguang said the establishment of the CECHSS is meant to keep pace with the times. For CASS, named as a na­tional think tank, a base of Marxism and an authoritative research insti­tution in humanities and social sci­ences in China, it is a strategic move to establish an evaluation system in the field of humanities and social sci­ences, said Wang.


Through making norms for social science evaluation, Wang hoped that the CECHSS make strives for be­coming an authoritative and world-famous institute for evaluating philosophy and social sciences. In the end, it will help China project its voice on the world stage, he said.


Zhao Shengxuan, vice president of CASS echoed that the CECHSS should become a global leader in scholarly evaluation, playing a role as academ­ic vanguard in the field. He stressed that, “To construct scientific and au­thoritative social sciences evaluation systems, we need to learn important lessons from evaluation institutes in China and abroad while spurring innovation and exploring the rules of social sciences evaluation.”


“The CECHSS should take the leading role in humanities and social sciences evaluation to make Chinese scholarship evaluation a household name in international academia”, Gao Xiang, secretary-general of CASS and director of the CECHSS asserted.


The CECHSS is composed of five sections including institution (including think tanks) evaluation department, journal evaluation de­partment, editorial department, data analysis department and an admin­istrative office.


This year, the primary tasks of the CECHSS is to hold the First National Social Sciences Evaluation Forum, release the Global Think Tank Evalu­ation Report and publish the Evalu­ation Report on Academic Journals of Chinese Humanities and Social Sciences.


The Chinese version appeared in Chinese Social Sciences Today, No. 643, Sept.5, 2014      

The Chinese link is: http://sscp.cssn.cn/xkpd/xszx/gn/201409/t20140905_1318046.html


Translated by Yang Xue