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China Social Sciences Press ranked first by influence

On Aug. 28, the Influence Assessment on World-Renowned Books from China Report 2014 was jointly released by the Consortium for Chinese Studies and Intercultural Communication at Beijing Foreign Studies University and China Publishing & Media Journal. Based on the bibliographic data of Chinese books collected by the libraries all over the world, the report studies Chinese books published in 2013 by nearly 600 presses and publishing houses from the Mainland China. All the five presses subordinate to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) were among the top 100 in the ranking. China Social Sciences Press ranks highest among all the Chinese candidate presses, followed by Social Sciences Academic Press (China). As the report indicates, the research achievements in the fields of Chinese philosophy and social sciences have drawn increasing attention from overseas.



Report on energy cooperation released

On Sept. 4, the Center for International Energy Strategy Studies of Renmin University released the 2013/2014 Report on the International Energy Cooperation of China: A Comparative Study on the Global Perspectives Toward Energy Culture at a forum convened in Beijing. Differences with regard to energy culture need to be overcome, attendees noted. The head of the Energy Work Group of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) said: “Many economies not only differ in energy reserves but more importantly, in energy culture. We should fully realize the pluralism of the energy field, which is important to ensure energy security.”



Eurasian media ties to be established

At the Eurasia Journalism and Media Forum recently convened by the State Council Information Office of China in Urumqi, attendees agreed that there has been extensive cooperation among Eurasian countries in the humanities, but an effective and long-term mechanism has yet to be established for media. Gao Anming, deputy editor-in-chief of China Daily recommended setting up regional platforms for media cooperation and communication, and the Eurasian Journalism Association and Eurasian Media Exchange Association are two good examples.



Ancient Western Zhou city site discovered

The Sichuan Provincial Cultural Relics and Archaeology Research Institute recently reported the discovery of two sites, an ancient city and a customs pass, found in Zhaohua Region, Guang Yuan city of Sichuan province. According to the pottery shards excavated, the site of the city dates back to the Western Zhou Dynasty. The antique customs pass discovered this time is from the Warring States period. Judging from the walls surrounding the pass, experts theorized that it might be the ancient Jiameng Pass, a strategic hub in ancient China.



Chinese classics further clarified and systemized

On Sept. 3, Shandong University hosted a release conference and academic forum on the newly published book Selection of Chinese Classics Catalogued and Recorded by the 25 Major Chinese Historical Biographies and Their Addendums. As many as 84 works are collected in the book. Each work has been abridged, collated and further revised for the sake of precision and convenience. As scholars maintain, the publication of the book further clarifies and systemizes the catalogues of the 25 major Chinese historical biographies, serving as a crucial benchmark for examining the evolution of Chinese classics and cultural thought.



Thomson Reuters joins Hessen for research partnership

The Intellectual Property and Science business of Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading provider of intelligent information, announced collaboration with a consortium of seven Hessen universities to streamline its institutions’ management of scholarly information and workflow. The initiative utilizes Thomson Reuters Converis, a comprehensive research management system that supports universities and research institutions in collecting data of intellectual property portfolio management.


Edited and translated by Bai Le