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International communication builds up a bridge for Chinese culture and the World

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  Shanghai, October 13th and 14th, the 10th annual meeting of Chinese Language Modern Society, that is, the 1st Chinese International Communication Academic Conference, which was sponsored by Chinese Language Modern Society and Tongji University in honor of 120 anniversary of the Chinese language modernization, was held in Shanghai. The president of Chinese Language Modern Society and the professor of Nankai University Ma Qingzhu said: “we need to study and promote the achievements in each stage of Chinese language movement during the past 120 years. We should draw lessons from the past in order to probe into the theories of Chinese language modernization and find out practical and effectively feasible methods.”  The major theme of this conference is “Chinese International Communication: Missions and Methods”.  The conference announced to establish Chinese International Communication Research Branch and Chinese International Communication Study Base.  More than 300 both domestic and overseas scholars and experts communicated and discussed about Chinese language international communication from various perspectives, such as disciplinary development, teacher training, textbook compilation, teaching methodology and sinology abroad.   Promotion of Pinyin Makes Chinese International Communication Competitive   At the conference, experts and scholars agreed that differences in values, ethics and morals, and manners and customs among different nationalities which continue to communicate, collide and integrate together should cope with today’s globalization.  And this finally gave Chinese culture many precious opportunities to connect with the rest of the world. But the highly-developed internet technologies and multi-developed social culture bring about new challenges and new topics for Chinese language textbook reforms, innovations of Chinese communication methods and achievements of sustainable development of Chinese international communication. Professor Ma pointed out that China has already been the world’s second largest economy, however the status of Chinese language still has an uprising potential.  Also, only striving for achieving the internalization of Chinese language will be matched up with China’s international position, Professor Ma added.   Searching for a New Way of Chinese Language Cultural Transmission   The important mission of Chinese language international communication is to build up a bridge and connect with the world.  In the interview, many scholars expressed that China should know how to exert an influence in a low key to gain international trust and respect, which follows a Chinese poem “watering everything peacefully”.    Professor Ling Dexiang from School of International Education, Shanghai Jiaotong University mentioned that Chinese language international communication plays a significant role in helping Chinese culture “going out”.     The Limitations of Current Chinese Language International Communication Professor Ling said:”At present, the theoretical system of Chinese language international communication hasn’t been set up and only been limited in the field of international Chinese language education.  Fortunately,  it has already draw the attentions from many scholars.”    (Translated by Zhang Mengying)