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To construct original literary criticism

| 2013-03-18 | Hits:
 On Oct.6, the 2nd Thematic Symposium of "The Power of Criticism " is held in the Central China Normal University. The symposium is co-hosted by Province Writers Association of Hubei Province, Writers Association of Wuhan, the Liberal Arts School of Central China Normal University, the Liberal Arts School of China Three Gorges University, the Literary Critics Center of Hubei Province.  Participates discussed the theme of "originality of literary criticism". The aim is to develop Chinese literary criticism and to explore the original methodology of literary criticism. Hu Yamin, the Director of the School of Liberal Arts of Central China Normal University, and the Vice-Chairman of the Writer Association of Hubei Province, pointed out that literary criticism has a great significance in enhancing the public's quality, strengthening the sense of national identity and promoting Chinese cultural construction.  Contemporary Chinese literary criticism should find an effective balancing point, to reflect social and cultural phenomenon through literature to the public; to help the public to rethink the way of existence, and to reshape social ideals. For how to build an original literary criticism methodology, Fan Xing, the professor of the Literal Art School of Wuhan University, indicated that the literary criticism should be cautious of falling into the theoretical worship.  Instead, it should restore the literary complexity, combining the richness of the literature, the vitality of the literary criticism and flexibility of critical language, to change the status of dancing with western literary criticism theory. In addition, scholars exchanged their ideas about the originality of literary research material, the literariness of literary ethical criticism, the relations between literary criticism and literary translation, the research on the relevance of literature and philosophy, the construction of Chinese literary theory resources for the literary geography and so on.  (Translated by Yang Lu)