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China first time releases white paper on judicial reform

| 2013-03-18 | Hits:
BEIJING, Oct.9, The Information Office of the State Council released a white paper on judicial reform in China. The Chinese government first time releases such white paper, its aim is to introduce the overall judicial situation and major achievement in China;present the strong willing to improve the rule of law and tries to win the international understandings and supports, said Jiang Wei, an officer from the Central Leading Group on Judicial Reform. The white paper said China has achieved a great stage result. It emphasized that the reform is a big task and it will get improved together with economic and social development. Wu Handong, President of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law noted, the white paper emphasized the judicial justice. Judicial organizations in China have made efforts to improve their capacity in past years. Chinese judicial system carries both characteristics of socialism and also in line with the general principles of mankind. In the next ten years, one of main issues very key to China’s development is to develop institution civilization that includes judicial development and reform.  Hu Jianmiao, Professor from the Chinese Academy of Governance pointed out the highlights of recent judicial reform: first, in order to avoid coerced confession, the revision of Criminal Procedure Law established the principle of strictly prohibited to force anyone to commit self-incrimination; Second, make great steps to strictly restrain the application of death penalty.    (Translated by Daimei)