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CPC’s arduous, magnificent centenary journey

ZHAO JIANYING | 2021-07-15 | Hits:
(Chinese Social Sciences Today)

A Great Dream and the CPC’s Founding, Building and Strengthening

The Communist Party of China (CPC) has led the Chinese people, in a century of bloody battles, strenuous struggles, and hard work, to create a glorious epic. Having gone through one hardship after another, the Chinese civilization has once again demonstrated its infinite vitality, marching toward a comprehensive rejuvenation in the 21st century. 
A Great Dream and the CPC’s Founding, Building and Strengthening, authored by Hao Yongping and Huang Xianghuai, professors from the Party School of the Central Committee of CPC (the National Academy of Governance), and other scholars, is a paragon of the ways we recall the vicissitudes of the past century, reflecting on the ups and downs of the journey, and looking ahead to the next resplendent century. 
In the first section on “historical glory,” the authors review the history of the Party and the country from the seven aspects of economy, politics, culture, people’s livelihoods, military affairs, diplomacy, and Party building, unrolling a magnificent and soul-stirring historical scroll. This part sums up the prominent accomplishments made by the CPC in its centenary struggle. 
The second section on “key to success” answers “why the CPC is able to bring about those accomplishments” in its centenary course. The first part touches upon history, or historical logic, while the second part is analysis, or theoretical logic. The book expounds on why it must be—and can only be—the CPC that saves China and builds China in five regards: historical tasks, or a mutual promotion between social revolution and self-reform; sources of strength, the unity of pursuing truth and maintaining value; path of operation, a combination of adhering to the bottom line and advancing innovation; a strong guarantee, the coordination of strengthening theory and institution building; and state of mind, upholding both firm self-confidence and alert awareness of potential risks. 
The third section on “future prospects” involves the logic of practice, focusing on “whether the CPC can continue to write a new glorious chapter in the future.” This part proceeds with how to make more splendid achievements against profound changes unseen in a century in the world, create another splendor through building a great modern socialist country, and write another glorious page by building the CPC into a stronger political party. At this major historical moment when the Two Centenary Goals converge, the Party stays true to its original aspiration and forges ahead, continuously leading the Chinese people to embrace another victory. 
Zhao Jianying is president of China Social Sciences Press.